The events today have had a major impact on everyone in the world. Our focus here at Prepper Depot is to help those in communities that need it most. To help people feel safer and live more securely. Concerns about Covid-19, protest, police, riots, justice, safety, looters, neighborhood invasions, social distancing, children going back to school, shopping, stocking up on essentials, and more… have driven many to their breaking point! There must be answers! We believe we have a few.

First of all, take a moment each day to disconnect from all media sources. Avoid the news, stay away from social media and don’t discuss current events with anyone. Get outside and reconnect with your surroundings. Get some fresh air and absorb some sunshine. Take a few deep breaths and feel the air fill your lungs. Enjoy the feeling.

Secondly, clear your mind. Picture yourself sitting inside of your own head. You have a box in your lap. Look around and take each item and place it in the box and shut the lid. Every time something pops into your mind, place it in the box and close the lid. Breath deeply at a count of four in and four out. Focus on emptying the room in which you are sitting (in your mind). With some practice, you will be able to master this technique and quickly control your thoughts.

Next, take up a new hobby or resume an old one. Focus your energy on something you enjoy or something productive. Start a potted plant garden near a window. This is enjoyable and you will be connecting to nature and enjoy the fruits of your labor within a short time.

Sit quietly in a room and revisit your past. Enjoy the memories of loved ones and your favorite events from time past. Resolve some issues from your past. If there is something involving another person that comes to mind that bothers you, take a moment and write them a note or letter explaining how you feel and seek to resolve your concerns. If it involves someone that has passed away, write it down anyway and read it aloud to yourself as if they were sitting with you. Many times this will help clear things up so you can let go of the concern and move on. This can offer much desired healing.
Spend time recalling your favorite memories. This activity will make you appreciate your life, what you have and you will become refreshed and have a renewed outlook on life.

Contemplate a particular problem you face on a daily basis. Really dig down and thing of something that pushes your buttons. Once you have figured out what that one thing is, write it down on a blank sheet of paper. Study it for a few moments. Then, look at it as if you were someone else. Imagine you as someone else and you just walked up on the now other person and you see them struggling with the issue. How would you help them? Take a few minutes to watch them in your mind and observe their behavior. What advice would you offer them? Chances are, that problem will soon resolve itself if faced again.

Think about a place you would like to visit. This could be a favorite local spot or somewhere you have never been. Imagine what it would be like to visit this place. Tell yourself that you will make the trip very soon. If it is a far away place, make the trip virtual. Get on your computer and look up the location and type in “virtual tour”. You will be surprised at what is available.

Listen to a podcast on your favorite subject or choose something new. There are many apps that allow you to listen from your phone, tablet or computer. You will be amazed at the programs, people and information that is online. Be careful though, you can become addicted and soon be overwhelmed with too many shows.

Write a poem, story or a song. Don’t be afraid to share what is in your mind and on your heart. You may be surprised that what you are holding inside could help someone else. Maybe someone has dealt with something similar and your words can help them. Your pain or your joy can make a difference in someone else life. Hearing your story may be the catalyst to influence or inspire another to greatness. Don’t hold back.

Use technology to your advantage. Go online and create a photo gallery. Use sites like Flickr, SmugMug, MyAlbum, Pixieset, PhotoBucket, Webshots and other similar site to build and host your album. Site like Shutterfly have the capability to create physical albums that you can purchase to have as a keepsake or even better, give as a gift to someone.

If you are spiritual, have a talk with God. Be sincere in your effort and genuine in your discussion. Open your heart and seek to get close in spirit. Don’t be afraid to ask for whatever is on your heart. Ask what He would have you do with your life in the short term and long term. Offer yourself up for service to Him and expect great things. It may be something as simple as making someone smile or beginning a cause or movement that will change many lives.

Adopt a pet. The companionship will be comforting and you may develop a very strong bond with your new pet. Many people embrace the new addition as a family member. Pets can be loving and create a whole new level of enjoyment for many.

Make plans for the future. No one really knows how things will pan out with everything that is currently going on in the world but, we definitely don’t want to sit back and just let life happen to us. Being proactive and creative will have a huge impact on your future. Lay the ground work for a new business. Network with friends and collogues to develop new ideas. Reach out to influencers online and join their circles. Become an influencer and create an online presence. Begin making videos of you doing what you love. Record yourself for posterity sake and share it with others. Catalog your life and use your experiences to teach other. Write a book on your favorite subject or create a podcast right from your phone.

Remember, your little wave extends to great distances and can reach much farther than you ever thought. One seemingly unimportant thing you do may be the most important thing that another person needs. Things seem to work that way. Use your talents for good and you may just change history.

I hope this reaches those that need it and helps someone along the way. Feel free to share this with other if you feel like it may be of some benefit to them.

God bless